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 Complain For GM cheaters

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PostSubject: Complain For GM cheaters   Complain For GM cheaters EmptyMon Mar 30, 2009 3:37 pm

The Official GM Rules
All GMs MUST follow these rules as well as the player rules while playing on the private server.

A game master should never, ever, abuse their powers in any way. Not for their own benefit, not for others' benefit, and not on players. If this rule is broken, a demotion is issued.

Game masters are allowed to have only one character that they use a levelup command, or any other GM commands, on. This character is not allowed to interact with other players in normal gameplay. It is only for testing.

A game master must never use any kind of levelup commands, or any other commands of that type, on normal players. This can lead to a demotion.

Restricted commands are .shutdown, .morph, and .delete. Also, no other destructive commands are allowed. These commands may never be used. An instant demotion will be issued if this rule is broken.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

1. Dont Used /reload for summon kundun..aida at kalima 6.
GM Knight abusing that command for hunt item give to the other players or members.
2. Gm Dont make Duel Or War only for a Event / quest?
GM RespecT do that GM is a GM not a PLayer..
3. Respect your players and Players will be Respect you.!!!
4. GM is only For Event not War etc..

Thanx: By Bonjour.....
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Complain For GM cheaters
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