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 :king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color]

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:king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color] Empty
PostSubject: :king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color]   :king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color] EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 5:52 pm

Thats My Character in Mulegend im the Gm:
1. So i want to request to open the Lorendeep map then enable the castle siege..
2. Why i cant send a SMS Japan to latvian??
3. Im Top 1 in last Season 2 reset 100+150+200 = I need all thats credits.. bounce
4. Now Im top 1 in Event reach reset 50.=credits to..Season 3
5. Please granted that request.. king:king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color] Pbucket
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:king: [color=red]Admin: I have Request[/color]
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